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Did you know there are over 1 billion doctor visits every year in the US?

That's a lot of patients...
With a LOT of questions!

Did you know the #1 patient complaint is "Not enough time to ask my doctor questions."?

The #1 provider complaint:
"Not enough time to answer patient questions."

Did you know 77 million US adults with low health literacy do not understand or act upon health information delivered at the point of care?

Resulting annual loss...
$106 - $238 billion!

Automated Patient Education

Reduce office callbacks, save time and increase patient satisfaction and compliance!

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Why You Should Consider Nucleus PatientEd:

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Increase Satisfaction Patients are more satisfied when they understand the medical issues involved with their care.

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Reduce Callbacks Patients are less likely to call your office back if they understand their care plan.


Optimize Visit Time See more patients in a clinic day and make the most out of the face time you do have with patients.


Increase Compliance Patients are more prone to comply with doctor's orders once they understand why.


Set It & Forget It Once you activate Nucleus PatientEd you need not monitor animations being sent unless you choose to do so.

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Allay Patient Fear Once they understand their disease condition or procedure, patients tend to be less fearful.

What Our Clients Say

"The animation quality is excellent. Having patients watch them in the office really saves me time and improves my work flow..." -Thomas DiLiberti, M.D.
Texas Hand and Arm Center

"Working with Nucleus we found our patients are better educated about their disease states and surgical procedures. We find the platform much more effective than handing out medical literature. The best thing about this application is that it runs in the background and requires no interaction from the staff or physicians. We find patients watch the videos repeatedly to understand their condition." -Bo Soyele, Clinical Practice Manager
Georgia Surgicare

"Excellent way to educate patients about their conditions and document that the education was provided, delighted with this product." -Olajide Balogun, M.D.